Salon Services​

We are a full-service beauty salon offering a wide range of services that include:
​​Hair: cuts, relaxers, perms, colors, shampoo, conditioning, curling, reconstructing, waving.
Nails: manicures, pedicures, polish, custom nail enhancements.
Skin Care: Facial Waxing.

We offer a variety of hair replacement options that are designed to complement any lifestyle. For active individuals the systems can be worn with complete confidence while you swim or engage in any athletic activity. Our systems include:

​Extensions: for women who want to add length, fullness, or texture or are experiencing up to 20% hair loss. Using the highest quality human hair and employed through safe and successful application methods including strand-by-strand, lineal bonding, and individual hand-tied wefts that bond to growing hair without causing damage to existing hair.

Integration: for women who have grade 2 hair loss, our integration system is designed to combine with their growing hair to fill in areas of need. Highly effective as a remedy for female pattern hair loss, this system can be adapted for everyday use or extended wear.

Duplication: for women who have grade 3 hair loss and want to regain the appearance of full healthy looking hair. This system looks completely natural, using an ultra-thin, skin-like breathable polymer combined with the finest silk nylon to hold hair securely and gives the appearance of naturally flowing hair from the scalp.

Full Head Prosthesis: Designed for women with Grade 4 hair loss usually resulting for medical treatments or health issues. Our cranial prosthesis designs are available in a range of materials and prices to suit individual needs. All designs are handmade from the finest materials and custom-fitted and finished to ensure complete comfort and satisfaction. 

We provide a multi-therapeutic approach designed to seamlessly integrate into anyone’s daily routine with a simple step by step program. Whether you have damaged hair, a family history of hair loss, thinning hair or unhealthy hair, we provide the best options available today for proactively preventing progressive hair aging, thinning, and loss.

Our Hair Growth System is personalized for each individual and incorporates the utilization of both hair restoration products and low light laser therapy establishing re-growth and growth of strong, healthy hair. When this multi-therapeutic approach is used, our Hair Growth System synergistically combines excellent scalp hygiene, natural DHT inhibitors and the highest level of hair nutrition topically and orally with its superior growth formulas, yielding the best possible results.

Wigs for Kids

We are a WIGS FOR KIDS affliate salon.
For over 30 years, wigs for kids has been providing Hair Replacement Systems and support for children who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy, radiation, alopecia, Trichotillomania, burns and other medical issues at no cost to children or their families.The effects of hair loss go deeper than just a change in a child’s outward appearance. Hair loss can erode a child’s self-confidence and limit them from experiencing life the way children should. With an injured self-image, a child’s attitude toward treatment and their physical response to it can be negatively affected also. Wigs for Kids helps children suffering from hair loss look themselves and live their lives. Because we never charge families for hair replacements, we depend on generous people like you that want to help donate hair for cancer and other sources of hair loss. In order to help children who have suffered from hair loss due to complications such as Alopecia in children and other medical issues, a monetary or hair donation is always appreciated.

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